Work together with you partner to make burgers in a bonkers kitchen! Trust your buddy to catch you!


Player 1 (Blue): WASD to move.

Player 2 (Red): Arrow Keys to move.

Use the mouse to navigate menus.

Full Screen Recommended



Player 1 must stand below Player 2 in order to bounce them into the air. If Player 2 is dropped, it's game over!

Complete burgers to score points! Player 1 can collect patties, while Player 2 can collect buns.

Avoid birds and pigs! If you touch one, you will be stunned, but the other player can still save you. Player 1 passes below birds, and Player 2 soars over pigs.



Made in 9 days for the Multiplayer Jam, hosted by Lone Rabbit!

Code, art, and sound effects were made by me during the duration of the jam.

The music is "Super Duper" by Heatley Bros.

Tags2D, Arcade, Co-op, Cute, Food, High Score, Local Co-Op, Multiplayer, scratch, Short
Average sessionA few seconds
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


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Awesome game and concept! If you made the art a bit sharper and polished up the game a bit, this could actually be a really great full game! Also, I noticed you used the Turbowarp Packager :D

Also, have you gotten to use the Export/Import Packager Options yet? (I helped develop those features and I'm wondering how many people actually use them.)

Thanks! :D I haven't used the Export/Import Options yet, but I'm sure they're super useful, especially if collaborating with others.

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I actually created the feature after GMTK jam, because during the jam I found it frustrating when I had to export several builds and reselect all of the configuration options manually each time.

Oh, and by the way, if you use the same project file (name/path), the packager will remember the last options you used. :)


I noticed the packager remembered my options while packaging a post jam build of a previous game, and I was like WOAH! :D It made everything so much faster!

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Takes a while to get used to but once you get it it's super fun! Amazing game design and polish! I really love it! I also love your buttons! I now those are hard to do.

Thank you!